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Ground Shatter is an independent games developer. It is a supercut of every three-point landing from popular media. Ground Shatter is the feeling of finding a Neo Geo MVS amidst the cranes and pushers of a sea-side arcade. If Ground Shatter was a caring, nurturing parent it would be your mum. If it was an insult it would be "your mum". Ground Shatter knows the only way out is through. It is a fireside chat with a puppet owl.

Ground Shatter is killing the games industry.

It doesn't care about how many people "Like" it, and only cares slightly more how many people like it. It is barely interested in what you think, let alone what you say. Ground Shatter is knowing that the only metrics it will ever need is the laughter of recognition, or the frustration as you throw your controller across the room. It is as naïve as it is hopeful.

Ground Shatter is NOT art. Unless your idea of art is four deadly assassins fighting to the death inside an exploding skyscraper, in which case, it's a fucking masterpiece. Ground Shatter is every Jason Statham film, in order.

Ground Shatter is NOT rock and roll. It is Belinda Carlisle, Africa by Toto, and Reach by S-Club 7. If Ground Shatter was a band it would be the Zack Attack.

Ground Shatter can name all of the dweebs

It is Doom multiplayer over a null modem cable. It is Windjammers. It is 10-player Saturn Bomberman. It is knowing exactly how air control works in Sonic the Hedgehog. Ground Shatter is massive UI and muscle memory. It is Street Fighter Third Strike's combos, Spiderman 2's swing, and Skate's grind to kickflip. It is sticks, and buttons, and pads... and sometimes it is thinking things through with a mouse and keyboard.

Ground Shatter is accidentally a BAFTA nominated deck-building tactics game developer. Who saw that coming?


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